Oil crudes contain dissolved waxes that can precipitate and deposit under the appropriate environmental conditions. These can build up in production equipment and pipelines, potentially restricting flow (reducing volume produced) and creating other problems. Wax inhibitor is a chemical used in the oil and gas industry to remove wax from crude oil.  Wax inhibitor prevent and remediate wax problems in production.


Appearance                                                      Dark Solution
Sp.Gr @25 ◦C (g/ml)                                          0.9±0.02
pH                                                                        3
Pour   Point (◦C)                                                  < 5
Flash   Point (◦C)                                                 >30
Boiling Point (◦C)                                                 >80
Solubility                                                             oil-soluble


Wax inhibitor such as pour point depressants and wax dispersants are used to chemically modify the wax solid structure thus reducing the tendency of the wax crystals to interlock and form three dimensional network growths.

  • Excellent wax inhibition performance in waxy crude systems
  • Works as crystal growth inhibitor and helps to prevent wax agglomeration to help improve flow
  • Easy disperse and removes wax deposits
  • Prevention of wax molecules being deposited inside production tubing
  • Pipelines and production tubing stay clean
  • More effective than old methods

Packing and Storage
Wax inhibitor is packaged in 220 Li (Net) steel drums. Customized packaging is also available on request. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flames. Keep containers closed.

Shelf Life
Wax inhibitor has shelf life of at least one year from the data of manufacture when stored in the original sealed containers in a cool and dry place.

Safety and Handling
Wax inhibitor is safe when used according to directions. This product is a stable material and may be stored for 1 year. Do not take internally. Keep away from eyes, skin and clothing. Normal precautions in handling organic chemicals should be observed. See MSDS for more information.

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