Oil well Cementing Additives

      RowChemical NameUnit Size
1Latex   Expansive55 GAL/DR
2Anti Foaming Agent (Silicon based)55 GAL/DR
3Cement Bond Enhancer/Gas Migration Control55 GAL/DR
4Dispersant,   Low to Mid temp25kg/sack
5Extender-   micro silica (equal)55 GAL/DR
6Mid temp Expansive additive25kg/sack
7Fluid   Loss, Synthetic Mid to High Temp25kg/sack
8Fluid Loss, Synthetic High Temp25kg/sack
9Fluid   Loss & Gas Migration Control25kg/sack
10Retarder,   Low Temperature25kg/sack
11Retarder,   Mid Temperature25kg/sack
12Retarder,   High Temperature25kg/sack
13Spacer   mixing Temp

14Latex   Surfactant, Gas Control Additive55 GAL/DR
15Weighting   Agent- Hematite25kg/sack
16Weighting   Agent- Micromax25kg/sack
17Loss   Circulation25kg/sack
18Light   Weight Additive-10,000 psi rated crush strength25kg/sack
19Light   Weight Additive-4,000 psi rated crush strength25kg/sack
20Thixotropic   Additive- Calcium Aluminate25kg/sack