PM-H2S Scavengers are compounds which have hydrogen-sulfide scavenging action. These products are designed to be used in oil and gas fields and another  industrial applications where the hydrogen sulfide causes corrosion phenomena. This product eliminates the corrosion effect and unpleasant odors.

Test Method
Yellow to   amber Liquid  
Physical   appearance
ASTM D-1172
pH (5%   solution)
ASTM D-1298
1 ± 0.1
Sp.Gr @25 ◦C   (g/ml)
ASTM D-445
< 50 Cps
Viscosity @   25 ◦C (Cps)
≤ -8
Pour Point (◦C)
≈ 100
Boiling Point   (◦C)
Completely Soluble
Solubility in   Water


H2S Scavenger is designed for effective reduction of H2S and Corrosion caused by it. The dose of this product depends on the amount of gas in the environment used.  Its low price and low consumption dose are the advantages of this product.


  • It is an effective sulphide scavenger. 
  • It has minimal impact on the properties of drilling Fluids. 
  • It prevents sulphide stress corrosion of rig equipments.
  • Low Dosages which is proportional to the quantity of hydrogen sulfide present in the system.

Packaging and Storage

This product is packaged in 220 Li drums. Customized packaging is also available on request. 

This product is compatible with high density polyethylene, polypropylene, and stainless steel. Copper, aluminum and their alloys are not recommended. Keep the containers closed when not in use.

Shelf Life

This product has shelf life of at least one years from the data of manufacture when stored in the original sealed containers in a cool and dry place.

Safety and Handling

This product is a toxic in case of ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption. The use of rubber gloves and protective goggles is compulsory. Do not inhale vapours. In case of contact, wash immediately with water and change contaminated clothing. See MSDS for more information.