Pipe Lax

This product is a special blend of surface active agent,emulsifier,
wetting agent and wall cake cracking material for making up of complete oil based spotting system.it cracks the filter cake allowing it to penetrate and reducing the force required to free the stuck pipe. It is easily mixed requiring no mixing equipments.

This additive dehydrates wall cake, allowing penetration of the spotting fluid and wetting of the drill string. Reduces the forces of cohesion between the pipe and cake, the pipe can be freed.it finds application in wells requiring a weighed soak solution to free  deferentially stuck pipes.

-May be used in diesel oil, crude or low toxicity oil.
- Does not require high shear and long mixing time.
- Allows quick and effective operation in case of stuck pipe problems.
- It can be weighted up to the desired drilling fluid density.
- It may be incorporated into drilling fluid after pipe is free.

Physical Properties:

Properties: Value
Appearance: Blackish brown oily liquid
Specific gravity: Soluble in HSD and Dispersible  in water.
- PH Value:...
Thermal Stability:...

This product is packed in 55 gal/ 208 Liter MS drums. Private labeling and customized packaging is also available on request.

Safety and Handling:
This product must be handled as a industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions a mentioned  in the MSDS.

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