This product is a liquid blend of selected primary is essentially polyaminated fatty acid and is used to emulsify water in to oil in oil/Diesel based drilling fluids. It provides excellent emulsion stability, acts as a wetting agent, gelling agent and fluid stabilizer in a mineral oil base. It is also used for filtration control and for temperature stability. This product is used as a primary emulsifier providing excellent and very stable emulsion and oil wetting agent. It contributes to temperature stability and HTHP filtration control and is most effective over a wide range of temperatures and also in the presence of contaminants. It provides viscosity and filtration control and temperature stability.

- it is multipurpose product which may be used in a wide variety of oil mud system.
- it improves emulsion stability and functions as a secondary wetting agent.
- provides viscosity & filtration control.
- improves thermal stability.
- works effectively over a wide range of temperatures.
- very compatible with environmental.

Physical Properties:
Appearance: Dark amber, viscous liquid.
Specific gravity:.....
Flash Point:....
Pour Point:....
Solubility Water:...

This product is packed in 55 gal/ 208 Ltr.Ms.Drums.
Private labeling and customized packaging is also available on request.

Safety and Handling:
This product must be handled as a industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS.

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