Corrosion Inhibitor be used in hydrocarbon processes where corrosion is a problem. This product is effectively controls corrosion in systems containing CO2, H2S, organic acids and brines and its most applicable when severely corrosive condition are anticipated. It can be applied to oil and gas process systems or pipelines to provide protection from corrosion under a wide variety of condition, including high temperature and sour conditions.


Appearance                                                                       Amber liquid
Sp.Gr   @25 ◦C (g/ml)                                                          1.03 ± 0.05
pH                                                                                         > 8
Pour   Point (◦C)                                                                    < -4
Flash   Point (◦C)                                                                   > 100
Solubility                                                                          Fresh Water and Brine


Corrosion Inhibitor (Water Soluble) protects steel equipment by adsorbing onto surfaces, forming a filming barrier to corrosive conditions. Treatment rates will vary depending on the severity of the corrosion problem. 


  • Excellent anticorrosive property forms a corrosion inhibition barrier with high film persistency to give continuous, long-term protection.
  • Effective in small concentration
  • Temperature stable
  • Specifically formulates for use in hot, wet or dry
  • High thermal stability

 Packaging and Storage:

This product is packaged in 220 Li drums. Customized packaging is also available on request.

Shelf Life

This product be stored in tightly closed containers and maintained in normal temperature with in the recommended condition.  is stable for one year from its production date.

Safety and Handling

Keep the containers closed when not in use. The use of rubber gloves.  

See MSDS      for more information.

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