About Us

Golden Royal Chem Trading Co. is one of the largest manufacturer of Drilling Additives and Chemical Materials for oil, Gas, Petrochem Indudtries in Doha. This Company went into commercial production in 2022.
Corporate offices are located in Doha and five independent manufacturing units located in various parts of the country and two state of the art R&D and testing facilities makes us one of the most diverse manufacturer of Drilling Additives and Chemical Materials worldwide.
We deal in Drilling Additives, Nano Materials, Polymer & Chemicals, Minerals and Metals, New Building Materials  as largest manufacturer and supplier in Doha. Golden Royal Chem Trading Co. is dedicated to supplying to the oil drilling fluids additives at competitive pricing up to the highest quality standards.

Also, it is necessary to explain that apart from the technical data sheet provided in the company`s product catalog, the design and manufacture of each drilling additive can be done depending on the Specifications desired by the buyers. Please refer our quality manuals, product lists, and certifications for further information about our company and the products and services offered  by us. The Company also entered the field of production in another area, and that as manufacture of building materials products. In this field, the company has built a factory and has been able to produce its construction products according to the latest research & industrial standards.